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Communications Sub-Committee

The Communications Sub-Committee plans, implements, and evaluates communication needs among PHS Nurses including: website for nurses, nurse resource manual, the listserv, and collaborative activities.

Communication Sub-Committee Goals
· Create and maintain mechanisms to foster communication and collaboration with stakeholders in nursing and public health.
· Provide mechanism to increase dialog among PHS Nurses.
· Develop the next generation of PHS nurses to address evolving public health issues.

Communications Sub-Committee Objectives
· Develop, communicate and use N-PAC webpage standard operating procedures, process and template.
· Develop and communicate Nursing Listserv standard operating procedures, processes and templates.
· Monitor use of the webpage and take corrective action if necessary monthly.
· Promote PHS nurse (civil service, commissioned corps and tribal nurses) participation on the N-PAC listserv through a marketing campaign; and increase subscription to the nursing listserv by 10% per year.
· Update Nurse Resource Manual annually.
· Develop procedures for ongoing maintenance.

Communications Sub-Committee Co-Chairs
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Communications Sub-Committee Workgroups
· Listserv Workgroup
· Website Workgroup
· Collaborative Workgroup

Website & Listserv Policies Print E-mail

For information about how to submit information for posting to the N-PAC website including a list of content liaisons and webmasters, click here.  (35 Kb)

For information about how and what kinds of vacancy announcements can be posted to the N-PAC listserv, click here.  (15 Kb)

For information about the various ways N-PAC communicates with it's members, click here.  (182 Kb)